A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This still unnamed game is made with LWJGL 2.

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  • Move with WASD
  • Look around you with the mouse
  • Attack with the left mouse button
  • Interact with chests and buttons by pressing E or the right mouse button nearby
  • Pick an item from your inventory by pressing the corresponding slot numbers on your keyboard or by scrolling the mouse wheel
  • Press F3 to have some debug informations


v1.0.0 b0.1.0

Made by G3Dev

Install instructions

  1. Download the game for your operating system
  2. Extract the files from the ".zip" archive you just downloaded
  3. Play the game:
    1. On Windows run the ".exe" file
    2. On MacOS run the ".app" file
    3. On Linux run the ".sh" file

IMPORTANT (for Windows and Linux):

Always run the game in the same folder as "jre" or the game might give you errors because it needs Java to run.

If you want to run the game in a folder which doesn't contain "jre" you have to create a shortcut to the file that starts the game.


MazeGame - Windows.zip 71 MB
MazeGame - MacOS.zip 1 MB
MazeGame - Linux.zip 70 MB

Development log

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